I must admit, this “Recent Work” page paints a bit of a skewed picture of my career. My full time job is as in-house designer for Midas Safety Inc., but because much of my work is internal, it actually looks like all I do are bowling posters for Big Brothers Big Sisters. In truth, the Bowl For Kids Sake campaigns are only once a year events – I do it every year for Greater Sudbury, and I get the odd email from agencies I’ve never heard of to do theirs as well.

Star Wars Drawing Month

A little initiative I’ve taken on to get me back into drawing, sharpen up the skills and the aptitude so that I can finally do Atlantic the justice I’ve wanted to for years. So, from early November until mid-December, I will be drawing nothing but Star Wars. Probably a lot of direct interpretations of scene stills, but who knows, I may start also creating new images in George Lucas’ sandbox that aren’t taken directly from the screen.


Drawing-StarWars-Yoda-Nov25-1       Drawing-StarWars-LukeWampa-Nov22

Nov16-2015-1200        Nov82015

Midas Safety Inc.

My absolutely current work, I can’t show right now, but these pieces have gone out to the public. An older version of the catalogue was put up on the site last year sometime. The version posted here was printed in November and made public in June of this year, and its Spanish counterpart was printed in April (and reprinted again in June as well).

MidasCatalogue-Downloadable-english    MidasCatalogue-Downloadable-spanish

For the interested, I talk about some of the design choices that went into the catalogue here.

Midas-ProdSheet-NFT360-June15  Midas-ProdSheet-AntiStatic-June15  Midas-ProdSheet-Splendor-June15  Midas-ProdSheet-Coral-June15   Midas-ProdSheet-KEVLAR-CoatedSeamless-June15

I talk about some of the design choices that went into adapting the catalogue into product sheet sets here.

Props Athletics

I’ve been helping my friends over at Props Athletics beef up their social media profile. I realized that there was a dearth of “advertising” for me to post into their Twitter feed. Lots of product shots. Lots of live “action shots” on Instagram, but no real ads. So, I made some. I made the green one first, but it actually started with Henry Ford’s “You can have any color you like, as long as it’s black”…

PropsAthleticsAd-aqua   PropsAthleticsAd-RED   PropsAthleticsAd-green   PropsAthleticsAd-PINK

PropsAthleticsAd-black     PropsAthleticsAd-green-360flex-750

Larry Berrio – Logo

Through our mutual involvement in the Greater Sudbury Big Brothers Big Sisters, I’ve gotten to know country singer Larry Berrio. When he wanted a new logo, he approached me. It was fun, and it’s been exciting to see it being put to use on his promo materials (including touring bus).


Eternalus Optimistius 

I’ve been playing with social media lately, and having spent a couple months aggressively tweeting and retweeting educational articles, I’ve decided to be more active in creating my own content. This is something I’ve had in mind for a while – a playful look at the creative soul (it’s labelled “screenwriter”, but it’s actually pretty universal) and the endless enthusiasm needed to slog through ages of “trying to get it right”.


Big Brothers Big Sisters – Bowl For Kids Sake

The “Epic Fantasy” theme. Pulled out all the stops on this one. Creating the icy milieu when I did the original theme was a load of fun, and working with it again for this year’s event was even more. I gave them a TON of social media graphics to put out there… keep the presence alive.

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Bowl For Kids Sake 

Another Google surprise, this time from Lincoln, Nebraska. They’d come across the themes while searching for zombie inspiration. They’d been calling theirs the “Zombie Bowl”, so I had to redesign the masthead… but that’s okay. It turned out good.


Big Brothers Big Sisters – Bowl For Kids Sake

For this year, the North Bay BBBS wanted a glitzy “Oscars” theme. Since I didn’t have one, I had to create one… the first completely fresh theme created since doing the originals in 2012. It was fun!

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Great Coke Castle Rescue

I revamped it last year using SketchUp, and gave it a slight facelift again this year.


Big Brothers Big Sisters – Bowl For Kids Sake 

The BBBS agency in Guam came across my bowling themes through a Google search. Japanese culture is very prevalent in Guam. They went for it. I never imagined anyone’d go for the Japanese/cultural theme… but, there you go!


Big Brothers Big Sisters – Bowl For Kids Sake

Greater Sudbury asked for the Monster theme this year. It ended up being a mashup of the Zombies and Monster Mash themes, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

North Bay went with the Western theme. As the original Western theme was quite simple, I gave them an upgrade so that it would feel equal to the Monster theme in terms of visual detail.

Big Brothers Big Sisters BFKS 2014 - Monster Theme    Big Brothers Big Sisters BFKS 2014 - Western Theme


Black Forest

A former coworker acted in a low budget screamer last year, and she asked me if I’d be interested in contributing some artwork for it. I was, so I whipped out the trusty Wacom tablet and this is what I came up with. Fun work.


The World Famous Kid Detective

When a screenwriter friend got her script turned into an indie kid’s movie by Friday’s Films, she sent the production house in my direction when the time came for creating some graphics and marketing materials. One aspect was illustrating the DVD cover and designing the sleeve, and another was creating a secondary poster utilizing images from the film itself.

The World Famous Kid Detective

Laugh Out Proud Comedy Festival 

Commissioned on behalf of the festival by Derek Young, this posed a bit of a challenge, in that there was no established collaterals in place for me to draw from, and they were in a rush. So, while the rainbow seemed a bit cliché, it showed up in all the research… and as it turns out, they were quite happy with it.


Big Brothers Big Sisters – Bowling 2013 

The Greater Sudbury agency went with the Alice In Wonderland theme that I developed last year. The main poster was just the beginning – the challenge then became adapting the base “look” of the poster to all the other pieces, none of which were of the proper proportions to just take the poster wholesale. So, each piece got its own consideration and I’m quite pleased at how it came together as a whole.

ShotCrete Plus – Website Rebuild

I was approached to rebuild their website, and create several dozen product sheets for the products they sell. I decided to go the WordPress route, so that they could have complete control over their site once I was finished. www.shotcreteplus.com


“Sudbury Nickel Barons” Hockey Team Mascot Icon 

The Nickel Baron was done for a freelance client who bought himself a hockey team. He wanted a “baron” character for the team, despite the potential negative connotations of the industrialist- and robber-barons of the late nineteenth century. Though modelled in a similar vein as the Monopoly Man, this character is definitely not the friendly grandfather type. But, you know, he is the mascot to a hockey team, so something a little more aggressive is called for.



When I accepted a request to put together a poster and tickets for a local fundraiser, I was told that they’d be happy to pay for some stock imagery for it. However, I’d just purchased my WACOM CINTIQ screen tablet, and had a much different approach in mind. Then, when the time came to do the tickets, I thought it would be fun to expand upon the “segmented” idea of a lobster, and make each ticket unique within a group of four.