Aziz Navrozally
Vice President International Sales – Midas Safety Inc

[expand title=”Expand”]“Geoff is extremely talented at what he does as a graphic artist. He is innovative and takes initiative to come up with super ideas. He provided some great ideas for our company stand at the trade shows. He is very quick and professional at what he does. On the human side…he is a great guy and gets along extremely well with one and all in the company. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Chris Luttrell
Manager, Marketing Communications – Midas Safety Inc

[expand title=”Expand”]“Geoff has an eye for detail and a passion for his work that only comes from over a decade plus of experience. Both creative and methodical, Geoff produces imaginative, powerful work with a clear message. Geoff’s efforts on our trade show stand and catalogue have been excellent and well received throughout the entire company.

I would not hesitate to recommend Geoff for any position that matches his skills and abilities.”

Shaun Dunn
Former Director of Marketing – Midas Safety Inc

[expand title=”Expand”]“Working with Geoff was great – he goes beyond being just a designer by understanding a business and the brands he works on. He typically knows what needs to be done and provides recommendations needing virtually no supervision. His work is always well thought out, creative, on time and very well done.”

Henry Goegan
President, 50 Carleton & Associates

[expand title=”Expand”]“Geoff is a solid, go-to guy who never stops until the job is done. He gladly goes the extra mile and willingly volunteers for the overtime that ensures we meet or exceed client expectations. He has been with us for years and has consistently demonstrated a willingness to learn and a desire to keep his skills honed and current. I have no hesitation in recommending Geoff as a graphic artist and web content developer.”

Tony Jurgilas, R.G.D.
Design Director, 50 Carleton

[expand title=”Expand”]“When we consider bringing in team members, certain qualities like creativity, skill and productivity are obligatory. The question is what added value can someone bring to our organization? Geoff’s insatiable curiosity has augmented the intellectual capital of our team with an acute knowledge of just about anything you can imagine. He’s a bright, witty and altruistic person with keenness akin to a razor’s edge. He demonstrates a level of tenacity that has ceaselessly provided us with optimum results. His mentorship within our design department has facilitated the seamless transition of many young designers into our industry. Geoff is both a strong team player, and a vital independent thinker.”

Réal Fortin
Retired Senior Partner, 50 Carleton & Associates
[expand title=”Expand”]“Geoff is unquestionably the most reliable employee I have hired during my career. He is very proficient and productive and has a solid creative brain. Geoff would be an asset to your organization.”


Chantal Gladu
Agency Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sudbury
[expand title=”Expand”]“Geoff has provided his professional services to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Sudbury since 2002 on various design projects. During this time he has shown exemplary initiative in creating a wide variety of design artwork including logos, posters, banners, greating cards, business cards, advertisements, web graphics, pamphlets and more. His eye for design is first-rate as are his skills in leading design software.

Geoff is a team player with a “can-do” attitude. His strong work ethic and ability to quickly complete any job thrown at him has made him an asset to our agency. Geoff is creative, reliable, flexible and personable.

I highly recommend Geoff to any employer or individual seeking a talented, motivated graphic designer.”

Derek Young
Derek Young Event Management – As Easy As Hitting Play
[expand title=”Expand”]“Geoff and I have worked together on some creative campaigns for events. His work is clean and consistent in helping us to get our message out to the masses through an effective poster campaign. Geoff has designed posters for our Lobsterfest and Laugh Out Proud Comedy Festival. He captured the essence of these events through design and the simple vision that was presented to him. Geoff is also very community-minded and supportive of charitable causes, as is evident in his abstract work for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake.”

Lianne Pelletier
Communications Consultant & Strategist (50 Carleton)
[expand title=”Expand”]“I’ve enjoyed working with Geoff on a variety of campaigns. Time and time again, I’ve been impressed by his exceptional talent, openness and innovativeness. Without a doubt, he is the most dependable and pleasant designer I’ve had the opportunity to work with.”


Mario Parisé
Former Account Director, 50 Carleton & Associates
[expand title=”Expand”]“Geoff is a remarkably multi-faceted guy. A writer, a designer, an artist, a technologist… people with such a diverse range of talents are hard to come by. I’ve worked with Geoff for a number of years, most recently as a project manager, and can say that any time I’ve had the good pleasure to work with him, I could depend on strong strategic thinking and torrent of creative ideas. He’s also very reliable and efficient. I’d recommend him in a heart beat.”