The “Pirate” theme created for the Greater Sudbury agency proved to be a big hit, and they received a call from another agency asking if they could use the theme for themselves. This made me realize that there was a market with other agencies for custom artwork, and that I could potentially sell packages to them. I also realized that the odds of someone wanting to buy a theme would increase if I had more than just the pirate theme available.





So… I put in a ton of work “on spec” (and let’s be honest, they were fun and let me flex some illustrating muscles and explore some visual ideas). I know the Sudbury agency is having a hard time deciding which one to go with next year, but they’ll have choices, and I’ve had a blast exploring all these different character styles.

I do a breakdown on the development of the Sherlock Holmes’ “Great Detective” poster here. Feel free to check it out.


I’ve begun creating the materials for the March 2014 fundraiser in Greater Sudbury. It’s actually a mix and match collection taken from about four different campaigns already created… creating something brand new, and pretty cool, if I do say so myself.


The main poster is the one above. The rest are little “teaser” images that the agency will post periodically on Facebook and other locations to help keep the marketing alive.

BFKS-1-Zombies  BFKS-2-Mummy  BFKS-3-Vampire  BFKS-4-Werewolves